How To Clean Gold Plated Jewellery

How To Clean Gold Plated Jewellery - Orange Cube

Gold-plated jewellery is a great way to add a touch of elegance and glow to any outfit, and it goes well with a wide range of complexion tones. Unlike solid gold jewellery, it combines style and affordability and is perfect for any occasion. It is the nicest gift to offer something unique to your best friend.

Orange Cube's designers create inventive, original styles and innovative designs that are built to retain their brilliant shine for a lifetime. Because we believe in the quality of our jewellery, we provide a free cleaning service within the first three months of purchase.

But like all jewellery, gold-plated jewellery needs to be cared for properly to keep it looking its best. Here are some tips on how to clean gold-plated jewellery so that it will retain its lustrous finish for years to come.


How to clean your gold-plated jewellery


After every use, gold-plated jewellery should be cleaned with a damp cotton ball or microfiber cloth to remove smudges and surface dirt. Tarnish on base metals can be removed by giving it a good cleaning after exposure to chemicals like chlorine, alcohol, acids, and sulphur compounds.


1.      Clean with soap and water

Use a tiny amount of lukewarm water or diluted jewellery cleaning fluid to clean jewellery. Using a soft cloth or brush and a circular motion, clean the surface with care. Do not scrub or be harsh when attempting to remove stubborn dirt. Instead, soak the surface for 10 minutes before wiping it clean. Before wearing or storing, ensure the jewellery is totally dry with a soft cloth.


2.      Use a jewellery polishing cloth

Just a little amount of care could restore the lustre of your gold-plated jewellery. Maybe just a light polish with a jewellery cloth will work if so. Polish your jewellery with a high-quality cleaning cloth dipped in jewellery polish to get rid of grime and tarnish while restoring its lustre. Maintain the shine of your jewellery with periodic light buffing in between more thorough cleanings.


Tips for maintaining gold-plated jewellery clean longer

Taking proactive actions to help limit the amount of wear and tear and damage that occurs along the way is another good suggestion:

  • Before touching gold-plated pieces, make sure your hands are clean and free of lotions, makeup, and dirt.
  • Avoid applying lotions or sunscreens to your hands while wearing jewellery.
  • Remember to use hairspray and other things before putting on jewellery.
  • Gold-plated jewellery should be kept in a separate box to avoid tarnishing.
  • Remove your jewellery before entering a pool or hot tub that contains chlorine.
  • Avoid placing all your jewellery in a single bag when travelling, as the pieces can scratch each other.
  • Store jewellery in a dust-free box or bag when not worn. Long-term sunlight exposure will oxidise and discolour the product. To avoid breakage, store jewellery separately.
  • Gold-plated jewellery should never be cleaned with silver polish, toothpaste, strong chemical cleaners, or abrasive scrub brushes.


Orange Cube offers a complimentary cleaning service within the first three months of purchase.  This cleaning procedure will be ineffective if the gold-plated jewellery has naturally oxidised or been scratched. The purchaser will bear all postage fees.

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