About Us

Orange Cube is a brand that focuses on delicately designed and made jewellery and handbags that stands out from the rest. We are only official website in Australia. Our aim is to bring colour and class while providing high quality products that will become a staple piece for everyday wear or saved for those special occasions. We want to convey a relaxing and comfortable attitude towards life.

Our designers are forward thinking creatives, using their skills and experience to create unique and innovative designs to help you stay ahead of changing styles.

Whether it’s a pendant gifted to a loved one, a charm to add to your necklace or bracelet, or an everyday bag, Orange Cube can find your perfect match.

Our Signature Collection

We all love to be blessed with good luck and that's why we created the lucky Horseshoe symbol. Getting inspiration from horseshoe being a totem symbolising good luck, with a rotational arrangement of crescent horseshoes, it forms our classic Signature Horseshoe logo, meaning to bring luck and courage to the wearer. The Orange Cube logo is a totem with spiritual power and magic energy.

Our Craftmanship

Creating our unique mosaic weaving process which is inspired by the essence between humans and nature. We cut top-grain leather into geometric pieces and assemble everything by hand in the workshop, creating a beautiful mosaic design that adds a unique element in the life of fashion. At Orange Cube, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of craftsmanship, ensuring that each bag is a work of art.

Going Global

At Orange Cube, our vision is to share our passion for high-quality, stylish jewellery and bags with the world. That's why we're excited to announce that we're expanding our reach and opening stores in China, with plans to go global in the near future. We believe that everyone deserves to experience the beauty and uniqueness of our products, and we're committed to making that possible.

From Local to Global: Orange Cube's Fashion Conquest

Discover how Melbourne's Orange Cube has conquered international fashion markets, blending cultural influences and cutting-edge designs. From catwalk triumphs in Melbourne to coveted collections all over the world, delve into their journey of bringing Melbourne's fashion prowess to the world stage. Embrace a fusion of styles and embrace the global allure of Orange Cube.

Life is a journey full of surprises and Orange Cube will accompany you to experience the wonderful adventures.