5 Reasons Why All Women Should Own a Cross Body Bag

5 Reasons Why All Women Should Own a Cross Body Bag - Orange Cube

No matter the occasion, there's always a bag style that matches it. But is there a bag that is perfectly suitable for all events? Indeed, we are talking about cross body bags.

In addition to their adaptability, women's cross body bags are also trendy and fashionable. You can't go wrong when you add a cross body bag to your ensemble for an instant dose of laid-back chic.

Women's cross body bags share one distinctive characteristic: they are fastened to a long chain or strap and worn across the body, hence the name. Since your hands will be free, these bags are great for running errands and performing many tasks.

Combining form and function, Orange Cube's best-selling cross body bags are genuine accessories you can take everywhere. Many of our crossbody purses are equipped with D-rings and detachable straps, allowing you to carry them by hand or change your style instantly.

Are women's cross body bags still in style?

The crossbody bag is not only ageless in design and use but also in fashion. The convenience and classic aesthetics of the cross body bag ensure its longevity. A quality cross body bag should be stylish, but it should also serve its purpose well - the ideal size for carrying essentials. Definitely in style!

You may see below the main reasons why so many women adore cross body handbags:


  • Maximising your outfit

A beautiful cross body bag may complement any ensemble, from compact day-to-day to evening bags, with a sharp, contemporary attitude. They can easily become part of your ensemble. With their ideal size, you can coordinate them with your apparel to create a seamless integration between the two pieces and look your best.

Orange Cube's Quilted Impressions Cross Body, available in tan or stone leather, has a wonderful retro vibe. I particularly adore the logo's gold hardware accents on the mosaic technique, a signature to Orange Cube that offers the right touch of elegance.


  • Functional and accessible

The majority of cross body bags are not so large that you will have trouble finding a single item. Still, they are also not too small, allowing you to comfortably carry your wallet, bank cards, phone, extra masks, lipstick, earbuds, and even a book!

These two characteristics distinguish the women's cross body bag from other types of bags. They make the crossbody bag more accessible and functional, hence facilitating its use.

The Quilted Impression Bucket Bag is 100% genuine top-grain leather, making it extremely luxurious. It's the perfect size for your everyday wear. This charming bag has a long strap, making it simple to carry without needing to hold it.


  • Beneficial for your health

Cross body bags distribute weight equally rather than concentrating it on your shoulders or back. Even if the strap is on one shoulder, most of the weight is on the bag, which will rest against and be supported by your body.

This benefits your posture because it does not throw undue weight on a single spot. Numerous instances exist in which people develop scoliosis or unequal shoulders because of the luggage they carry. With cross body bags, you will not be concerned about these circumstances.


  • Security

Cross body bags are usually carried front-facing. Since only you can access the bag, your belongings will be safe. You can even check your belongings while wearing the bag. The cross body bag is, therefore, one of the safest bags you can carry.


  • Elegant and stylish

Women's cross body bags are highly fashionable and sophisticated. You can create glitzy combos by matching your cross body bag to your attire.

Available in amber and black, Signature Mini Saddle Bag by Orange Cube is a favourite small leather cross body. The bag's rhinestone logo makes it an eye-catching accessory that adds a fashion-forward touch to your look. Its sculpted saddle form is extremely striking and resonant. An ideal mini bag for carrying your daily essential to a holiday party, date night, or work event.


Cross body bags are indispensable to our on-the-go lifestyles

Introduce cross body bags into your life and say goodbye to huge and unwieldy handbags. They are incredibly attractive, functional, secure, and easier to carry. Cross body bags are ideal wherever you go and whatever you wear.


Shop cross body bags for women online

You can get your designer handbags at Orange Cube stores in Melbourne's Emporium or Southland, Cheltenham. We carry an extensive selection of bags for various occasions and in a range of styles to complement any outfit. Our mission is to provide colour and sophistication while providing high-quality products that may be used daily or saved for special occasions.

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