M/ FW 2022 Orange Cube x Chris Ran Lin

Melbourne Fashion Week 2022 Orange Cube worked with local independent designer brand Chris Ran Lin for a spectacular runway at the Dockside Runway to showcase their unique collection of the finest jewellery and bags.

Coming from Melbourne, Orange Cube is a brand focuses on delicately designed and made jewellery and handbags which aims to bring colour and class to the wearer. Orange Cube stands for independence, freedom, creativity, innovation, and individuality.


Chris Ran Lin is a brand famous for its innovation in the natural fabric used in garments, uniqueness of the style and well-developed knitwear technique, showcasing the individuality of modern women which matches Orange Cube’s brand story.


This year’s runway used the idea of reflection as a theme, using light and shadow to showcase the innovative and forward-thinking design. Immerse yourself in the fashion world with Orange Cube’s “Lucky Aesthetic”.


Orange Cube also brought her Christmas Collection to the show, showcasing their unique design alongside with other classic jewellery for this amazing fashion journey.


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