Orange Cube at AAFW 2023

Orange Cube at AAFW 2023 - Orange Cube

The Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW), held at Sydney's Carriageworks on May 16, 2023, witnessed an extraordinary display of fashion from Orange Cube and Gary Bigeni. This event attracted numerous influencers and celebrities who eagerly seized the opportunity to showcase Orange Cube's exclusive jewellery and trendy handbags.

Renowned for its affordable yet luxurious jewellery and bags, Orange Cube Melbourne presented its distinctive and fashionable creations, infused with a touch of whimsy. The Afterpay Australia Fashion Week in Sydney buzzed with excitement and enthusiasm as influencers and celebrities proudly paraded Orange Cube fashion items, becoming an integral part of the event.

The presence of these esteemed individuals not only heightened the event's glamour but also drew substantial media attention. The audience was captivated by the stunning appearances of these influencers and celebrities confidently exhibiting Orange Cube's exquisite jewellery pieces and fashionable handbags.

This impressive display solidified Orange Cube's popularity and widespread adoption among influencers and celebrities, serving as a testament to the brand's ability to captivate fashion-forward individuals who constantly seek unique and stylish accessories. The choice of Orange Cube jewellery and handbags by these influencers further highlights the brand's trusted and admired position in the industry.

The collaboration between Orange Cube and Gary Bigeni for AAFW proved to be a resounding success, showcasing the exceptional talent and creativity of both brands. The event not only celebrated their partnership but also reaffirmed Orange Cube's reputation as the go-to brand for individuals in search of sophisticated and fashion-forward accessories.

The remarkable showcase left a lasting impression, inspiring attendees, and fashion enthusiasts alike. Anticipation now grows for Orange Cube Melbourne's next ground-breaking collection, as the brand continues to push the boundaries of style and luxury within the fashion industry.

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