Multi Styles Emerald Palace Necklace

Multi Styles Emerald Necklace - Orange Cube

Australia is home to some incredible pieces of jewellery and this piece is no exception. This is our Emerald Palace Necklace in white featuring a functional two-way styling design for even more versatility. Also, our Emerald Palace Necklace in gold gives you different style to shinning in the air. This necklace is simply one of the best design necklaces you will see in Australia with its white rhodium plating, white zircon stones and four beautifully placed green stones.

Why do we love this design so much? Well, you can wear this elegant piece as is in the square design or in a matter of moments it can be transformed into a gorgeous chain. With such versatility, this is a rare necklace that is hard to find in Melbourne. It will certainly elevate any look with many compliments coming your way.


This Melbourne necklace is the perfect gift for someone who loves to add unique pieces to their collection and is looking for something more to add to their outfits.

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